Regent’s Happenings

It’s been an exciting past few months since I was lucky enough to arrive at Capital Growth and Royal Park Allotment.  What a magical place with people coming and going with students, volunteers and employees all anxious to have a great harvest.  At first I was on guard of small plants and suddenly – wow! – I was surrounded by abundant growth and nearly disappearing but still able to tell the crow to make haste and leave the crop alone.

Capital Growth has school trips and talks to the children.  It’s a marvelous thing as many have no gardens or knowledge of how things grow.  Summer went by and the allotment became amazing.  Adult and children workshops were held as well as open days and the biggest open day was late September, Harvest Festival.  We had a small scarecrow making workshop; great food stall with much of the produce from the allotment and a great barbeque.  The weather was beautiful and a happy day for all young and old.

Some people admire me but only a few people I can chat back to – that’s scarecrow magic…all animals have it.   Now autumn has been and gone and I am standing guard on a fairly bare raised allotment with signs of winter growth.   Will blog again with other stories and other up to date happenings.   R

A new resident in Regent’s Park!

November 12, 2011

Hello everyone!
This is the blog for a new, but loved, young fellow who has made his home in the allotments in Regent’s Park, London. He has already made quite a few friends, and indeed, has picked up a few real fans as well.

There will be further updates and stories based on his adventures, so keep coming back!

Best wishes.